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Aluminum ingots - Brand AK9 alloy (GOST 1583-93)

Aluminum ingots - Brand AK9 alloy (GOST 1583-93)
  • Aluminum ingots - Brand AK9 alloy (GOST 1583-93)
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Brand:ГОСТ 1583-93
Country of manufacture:Russia
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(Based alloys of aluminum - silicon - magnesium system)


Alloy grade - AK9

Product Type - Chushka


Mass fraction, % main components:

Aluminum - base

Magnesium - 0.25 - 0.45

Silicon - 8 - 11

Manganese - 0.2 - 0.5

Copper - 0.00

Titan - 0.00

Nickel - 0.00


Mass fraction, % impurities max

Manganese - 0.00

Copper - 1.0

Zinc - 0.5

Nickel - 0.3

Lead - 0.00

Tin - 0.00

Silicon - 0.00

Iron - 0.8


Mass fraction, % impurities max

the amount of impurities taken into account - 2.4


The alloys are produced in the form of ingots weighing 20 kg

In agreement with the consumer - weighing more than 200 kg


On each ingots must be applied:

- the trademark or name and trademark of the enterprise - manufacturer, heat number

and marking alloy;

- in agreement with a customer for large ingots weighing over 200 kg

indelibly digital value of the mass in kilograms ingots.

Allowed by agreement with the consumer to apply heat number, trademark or

the name and trademark of - 80% of the manufacturer, provided of forming ingots

pack of pigs the same heat.

Ingots, intended for the manufacture of products and equipment that come into contact with food

products marked with the absence of color marking an extra letter "P", which

placed after the designation of the brand alloy.

Pigs on the face marked with indelible colored paint (vertical stripes, crosses,

triangles) or stamped metal on the surface of ingots:

AK9 - white, yellow;

By agreement with the customer it is allowed to use another method


Upon request, each of the polygonal ingots must be marked with a number

melting and color marking.

Under the agreement with the consumer be marked only on the upper pig

series package.



Pigs weighing up to 20 kg are formed into packages weighing no more than 1.5 m with the general

requirements of GOST 21399 and GOST 24597.

Packages must consist of one brand alloy ingots.

Packages bonded two strips of two coils of aluminum rod with a diameter of 9 mm according to GOST

13843. In forming a package strapping node must be located on the side of the package.

Shall be approved by the customer to use other means of detachment GOST

21650 provided preservation during transport packets. Weight of aluminum rod,

used for strapping packages included in the net mass of the package and the party.


Pigs weighing more than 200 kg, not formed into packages.

Brand:ГОСТ 1583-93
Country of manufacture:Russia
Type of aliminium foundry alloy:Primary
Information is up-to-date: 11.02.2020
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