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Associaciya Delovyh Snabzhencev
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About enterprise Associaciya Delovyh Snabzhencev

The Association Of business Suppliers company began the work in 2015. We offer consumers products for different industrial purposes. We have own production, and also we cooperate with domestic and foreign companies. Our distributors are companies with a global name and producing proven products.

In assortment:

* car batteries;
• fire equipment;
* fittings and flanges;
* pipe fittings and more.

Also we provide services in design and installation of gas fire extinguishing. This type of fire protection is installed indoors, regardless of whether people are there or not. Such systems will reliably protect the property from fire and quickly localize and eliminate hotbeds of fire. We perform all phases of installation, from the calculations and to the service after launch.

At work we pay close attention to quality of the offered production, and also honesty of partners. Since in our business reputation is a decisive factor, do not admit the existence of marriage, delivery times never go beyond the agreed time, and service is always at the highest level.

The goods for the enterprises realized by our company have quite a lot of spheres of application. That's why our customers represent some of the most diverse categories: agriculture, light industry, construction, tire. In addition to wholesale orders, we also arrange retail deliveries. However, with large-scale purchases, you can save a lot. In this case, we can provide a favorable pricing system, simplified payment, fast delivery. The details over the phone.


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