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Accumulator battery

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Country of manufacture:United States

Battery set for AGM technology, has a high starting current for reliable engine starting, ideal for accessories: stereo, winches onboard electronic devices and so on.. 
These batteries are indispensable for operating on sea and river transport, where high reliability and long life in cyclic operation (charge-discharge) and safety. 
Plates packed in a microporous fiberglass, therefore have a maximum vibration, the active material and the plate occupy all existing space that facilitates maximum energy intensity. 
The advantage of Deka 8AMU1R: 
Absolutely no maintenance and the need to check the fluid level. 
The electrolyte is completely absorbed by the microporous glass materials used, eliminating the possibility of leakage and acid corrosion of the terminals. 
Tightly "packed" structure, calcium grid alloy better resists shock and vibration
Faster than conventional batteries (7 times) reduces the recharge time is cyclical. 
Sealed design is an additional protection of the finest electronic equipment. 
Magnificent dual-purpose design gives a high starting current and work in deep discharge mode. 
Special gratings for the passage of current cast using computer continuous casting technology are not destroyed during deep discharge and provide the highest quality and optimum performance. Highly porous separators (type Ultra Premium) reduce resistance and increase capacity.
East Penn manufacturing co., Inc.  - the largest US producer of batteries since 1946.

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Country of manufacture:United States
Weight: 5 - 45 kg
Capacity: 47 - 220 Ah
Battery Voltage: 6, 8, 12, 24 V
Information is up-to-date: 05.10.2018

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